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    Sporting Heritage

    Inspired by our heritage, honoring our legacy & defining our future.

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    A vision come to life.

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    Hand Crafted

    Each piece is meticulously hand crafted and finished.

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    Unite Through Sport.

    Unite Through Sport.

    Sport sees no boundaries. The world is our playing field.

    The game is our connection.

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    Blog posts

    • August 31, 2019 First Day Out
      First Day Out

      Today we got to get a round in while capturing some content and images for the first release of club covers.  A few of us got out on the coast to have a little fun, take some photos and shoot a little video of the goods on course.  

    • August 14, 2019 Product testing
      Product testing Over the last few months we have been testing the functionality and natural wear of the first edition of Senna Made products and have been thrilled with the results. Our Straight Jacket iron covers have proved to be even better than we thought they would be and a staple in my own bag. Usually I keep them on the entire round and have really gotten accustomed to playing with them on without any issues of slowing down play.  Stay tuned for more updates and more options as we grow.
    • August 13, 2019 A long time coming..
      A long time coming..

      Over 6 years ago the concept for the first Senna Made product came to fruition. But, after a year of development, all progress was unexpectedly lost. A few years went by as we focused on other projects and learned more manufacturing techniques and now we are officially ready to launch within the next few weeks.  Excited to share our projects and collaborations as we grow as a brand and platform.  

      much love.



    • April 04, 2019 Work in Progress
      Work in Progress

      Senna Made first run of goods is currently in production and will be prepared for shipping soon. Stay Tuned.


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